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Winds of Care - A Chance to Take a Break

sailors with disabilities carers dayMWF Winds of Care Days are a chance for the amazing mums, dads, grandparents, guardians, brothers, sisters, friends and others who care for disabled and disadvantaged people, to take a bit of time out for themselves.

On a Winds of Care day, your carers group comes sailing on board MWF and experiences respite and being cared for by our amazing volunteer crews. It gives you a chance to take a break and also network with other carers.

These sessions must be booked as a group, we can accommodate a minimum of 10 people per session and a maximum of 15.

We encourage your group to bring along any refreshments you might like on the boat as well as adequate sun protection to ensure that you are comfortable and enjoy your sail fully.

*As a charitable organisation MWF does not provide catering for its sails.

Here are a few testimonials from some very grateful carers.

"I just want to express our gratitude to our skipper and the friendly crew of volunteers, for giving HHRCS carers a fabulous day out on the harbour. You just had to look around and see that each carer was enjoying the experience."
Rosemary Liu

"Thank you to you all for the most amazing experience on Sunday. The volunteers were absolutely amazing, as were the new friends made. I can truly say the word 'relaxing' - something I don't say often enough with caring for my two disabled children."
Diana Farache

“Meeting new people today made me believe that I can do so much more and that I can use my gifts and experience as a carer to bring hope to others.” 
Cristina Leontini


sailors with disabilities carers day“I was reflecting on what was so special about yesterday. In my case, when you are with a person with dementia, who can't comprehend the language anymore and whose behaviour can change, over the last 8 years I have been selective in our outings.

I do enjoy social sailing, and considered it unsafe to take Gordon on boats, especially a yacht.

It was so relaxing and therapeutic for me to once again enjoy an activity with a caring skipper and crew, as well as sharing it with other carers who also deserved a "treat".

Thank you to Making Waves Foundation for making this outing possible - it was very much appreciated.

The Good Gods also made it extra special by turning on a beautiful sunny day. Thank you!”
Helen James

“Yesterday, my husband and I were fortunate enough to go sailing with Making Waves Foundation on a carers' outing on Sydney Harbour. It was a beautiful day and we all had a fantastic time. The crew were not only helpful & friendly, but they also knew how to sail - always a good thing.

sailors with disabilities carers dayI met some new carers and caught up with some familiar faces. I have sailed before (a long time ago) and my husband and I both commented on how calm David the skipper was. He explained what we were doing, and also, where we were going.

He also shared some stories about sailing in Sydney to Hobart yacht races over the years.

We were all able to enjoy the magnificence of Sydney Harbour and feel safe and spoiled at the same time. Thank you to Making Waves Foundation for giving carers the opportunity to escape from reality for a short time. We are blessed.”
Lyn and Ian Allen Donna.


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