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faceboat Community Contest terms and FAQs faceboat contest


Who is running the contest?

The contest is being run by Making Waves Foundation (MWF), PO Box 2099 - Strawberry Hills NSW 1420, Australia. ABN: 82 714 459 575 RCN: CFN 15399. You can contact MWF here


What is the preferred format for my entry?

Your entry will be posted on the faceboat website (if you need help uploading please contact us). Your entry must include text and we encourage you to also upload photographs.

The word count should be between 500 and 4000 words.

You are responsible for what you post on the faceboat website. You should own the copyright of all material you post and/or have the permission of the owner. Do not copy and paste articles which already exist online.

Entries will be posted on the faceboat website during and after the contest entry period.

By entering the contest, you grant Making Waves Foundation a non-exclusive, transferable licence to re-produce the content, royalty free and world-wide. Making Waves Foundation will moderate all entries before they are made public on the website.


What if I can’t upload my story?

If you are unable to upload your story to the faceboat website please email for help.


Where are the entries posted?

Throughout the contest, entries will be featured on the faceboat website in order to immediately inspire and help others. Entrants' photos may also be printed on the side of our yacht as a visual representation of our community on the water.


Please tell me about the Judging.

The winning entries will be judged by the members of Making Waves Foundation and external independent judges. One winner will be chosen for each category. Referees will be contacted to check the validity of short-listed entries.

The winners in each category will be chosen as follows:



We're looking for how you have shown human spirit, persevering through difficult circumstances. Winning this section is less about the level of achievement and more about an individual making the very best of his or set of circumstances. The judges will also consider how the story is likely to inspire others to be optimistic. Complimentary photographs are considered positive.



We're looking for unsung heroes who have gone out of their way to help others. Again, it's not about the level of what the person has achieved, but about persistently and consistently helping to make the local community a better place. Judges will also consider how the story is likely to inspire others to be optimistic. Complimentary photographs are considered positive.



In this category we are looking for the entry which offers the most useful advice. We expect the winning story will include a mixture of first-hand experience and general information. We're looking for practical guides to common problems. The judges will also consider how the story is likely to inspire others to be optimistic. Complimentary photographs are considered positive.

For all categories, consideration will also be made as to how the faceboat community reacts to the entry, in terms of comments and likes. Spelling and grammar errors will be corrected by our moderators and are not a consideration in the judging.

Judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.


Can I add a link to an organisation from my entry?

Yes you can. There is a place in your profile to add a link to an organisation if you feel that it will add value to our community. You can also add links in your story entry. The moderators will decide whether the link is appropriate before it goes live on the website.


When is the Closing Date?

The closing date for the contest is 18th January 2015. Contest winners will be announced at the prize giving.... All entrants must agree to having their photos and stories used for MWF publicity.


Which Experience will I win?

When you enter you will be asked which prize you would like to win. We will give the winner in each category their chosen experience wherever possible.


Can I sell my Prize?

Prizes must be used by the winner and cannot be sold or given to another person. This is non-negotiable. 


faceboat Terms.

If you enter our contest you agree to the terms of use of the faceboat website.


Is the contest free?

The contest is free to enter. You must be a member of our faceboat community to enter. Membership of faceboat is free.


Our Rights

We reserve the right to change the contest rules, substitute the prizes, or even cancel the contest for any or no reason.


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