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Name: George Johnstone

Nickname: George
Age: 48
Lives: Central Coast

Disability: Able-bodied

Career: Engineer

Likes: Sailing

Dislikes: None to speak of

Joined MWF: 2004

Position on Yacht: Second in Command (2IC)

Summary of Sailing Experience: A dingy club racer in his teen-age years, George progressed to offshore yacht sailing in Australia starting with the 1994 Sydney to Hobart race.

Over the last 20 years George has taken part in a wide range of yachting events, including the Sydney to Southport race, Finders Island, and Bird Island races.

For the last 10 years George has maintained a close involvement  with the offshore programs of MWF and has had the pleasure of competing in the last three Sydney to Hobart races on Kayle and WOT EVA.


Talking with George about our disabled crew and sailing in the Sydney to Sydney Challenge, he said:

“People who’ve had adversity in their life have a natural tenacity; they’re streets ahead in mental and physical toughness. And they’re flexible and adaptable. A physically challenging day for a guy with no legs is another day, whereas a rough day when the ocean suddenly turns bad for a guy used to rolling out of bed and everything working for him can be a shocker. People with disability, in our experience, not only roll with extreme and physically challenging ocean conditions, but adapt to the challenges as they do in everyday life.”

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