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Green Slip Policy

MWF is an ever-growing organisation and seeks to retain and increase the respect of the sailing world and that of organisations who rely on MWF's community service to people with disabilities. MWF manages to deliver many wonderful programs through the support from its sponsors and with the effort of its sailing crews.

MWF has developed a policy called "The Green Slip" to help every member understand what is required of them in order that they may go sailing with MWF. Each person who wishes to sail with MWF must attain a 'green slip'. We ask each member to comply with the following:

  1. All crew that have sailed with us more than three times are required to become members. Anyone wishing to sail again, will need to have completed a membership form and paid membership fees.
  2. All MWF Members are to respond to MWF's requests for information via email and by the date stipulated in said email. There will always be one week's grace given for any such request by MWF, and illness and holidays will be taken into consideration. In extraordinary circumstances, a return-by-date may be under one week's notice. Where individuals are unable to supply an email address, contact details must include a phone number. Any inability to comply with this policy must be agreed to by the MWF committee, by prior arrangement.
  3. Members have a obligation to behave responsibly with regard to the crew's instructions. At all times, one must respect the boat and equipment and be mindful of the safety of oneself and fellow sailors aboard.

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