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Author's Name: Clive Hassett
Date: Thu 24 Mar 2022

Wendy's On the Water Update

Well, what a busy and rewarding 6 months it’s been since Wendy joined Making Waves!

Wendy has been out and about, meeting and training volunteers, as well as skippering Winds of Joy and racing programmes – which she loves. Whilst based in Sydney most of the time, these activities have also taken her onto the waterways of our ports in Newcastle and Melbourne.

‘Man Overboard’ (MOB) training has been a recent focus, and this will continue moving forward. We have overhauled our MOB method and will now implement a tried and tested system used by Wendy with several professional organisations including Clipper and the UK Tall Ships Trust.

These drills have been run in a range of conditions (including at night) so we know that the system works and is quite simple once practised.

2022 Hobart campaign?

The Foundation is very keen to continue its proud history of competing in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht race - however this is not a simple task! 

Wendy will be skippering her own Hobart yacht but is working on recruiting a Making Waves team (and skipper) for this year’s big race. Crew must be aware that a significant commitment to training and organisation will be required to make this happen.

To get involved, send an expression of interest by email to our office and make note of any offshore sailing experience as well as disability status.

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