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Name: Kristi Foster
Nickname: Krissy
Age: 41
Lives: Coffs Harbour
Disability: Arachnoiditis which is similar to MS but, instead of in the brain, it affects the spine.
Career: Interested in writing/communications/photography
Likes: Reading and painting/art and crafty creation
Dislikes: Spicy food
Joined MWF: 2014
Position on Yacht: Strings
Sailing experience
Kristi sailed in 2009 in several deliveries on the east coast of Australia. She has undertaken twilight racing off Coffs Harbour.
She was a trainee Coxswain Whale watch for 2 years. Sailed Sydney to Whangarei, New Zealand, in Easter 2010.
In 2011 Kristi purchased her own yacht and undertook a 6 month Whitsunday cruise and return to Coffs Harbour. In 2011 and 2013 did several yacht deliveries along the East Coast.
Kristi started with MWF in 2014 undertaking intensive racing and crewing on most of the kids Northern Campaign. 2015 continued the MWF sailing when she Kristi was part of the the Sydney to Gold Coast Race team.
We interviewed Kristi last Saturday and this is what she had to say:

What’s exciting about being part of MWF’s Sydney to Sydney Challenge?

"Just sailing with a really fantastic crew and heading offshore.I’vebeenoffshorebefore—SydneytoNewZealand—but that was for delivery, not for speed. And just making sure that I’m a good effective crew member.

Being part of something as big as this. That’s excitement enough. I’ve packed, unpacked. Packed, unpacked. Do I really need that? Do I need thermals? Oh, I probably won’t need thermals but I’ll need something. I’m just so excited. We’re allowed a 20 litre kit bag on board for all our stuff. I’ve got a 20 litre kit bag I’ve been experimenting with all week. What can I double up on? They just told me it’s a really wet boat so I’m putting another pair of socks in."

What’s your role on the boat?

"My role is primarily media – photos and stories. Getting them off the boat with words to describe how the crew’s going. I’m a sailor in my own right and I’ll be helping out as crew wherever I can. I’m strings on the other boat – halyards and things. And they’ll probably call me to back up on that.

I’m happy to let my family know that MWF has the highest safety record. I’m going to be ok. My family “by choice” are going to look after me."

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