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Author's Name: Julian Martin
Date: Mon 24 May 2021

Why would anyone run 4 miles, every 4 hours in 48hrs?

Running doesn't appear to have much to do with Making Waves and sailing, however that's only the beginning of this story...

Grace Palos is a spirited sailor and adventurer who, like many of us felt cooped up last year. She wanted to push herself to do something that she genuinely did not think she could do, to inspire herself and others as we came out of lock down.

“I wanted to do something that pushed myself way out of my comfort zone” Grace says. “I was so impressed by the way people looked after each other through the pandemic and wanted to do something that reflected care. I also wanted to raise money for a cause that helped people transition from their comfort zone”.

“I had been to a Women Who Sail event before COVID hit, where I heard about the wonderful work of Making Waves. The thing that spoke to me the most that day was how the Foundation used sailing to help people living with disability look beyond their restrictions by experiencing the joy and challenge of sailing a racing yacht”.

Grace and her husband are planning to sail to her home country, the USA and her challenge evolved from knowing that she would have to share 4-hour watches with him on that very long trip.

“That’s where I got the idea of running 4 miles every 4 hours from” says Grace “And, I wanted my challenge to inspire my network around the work of Making Waves. It all seemed to tie together really well”.

So, Grace put together a fundraising page on Go Fund Me and reached out to her networks to support her challenge.

“I couldn’t believe the response I got. I was thrilled to see how well Making Waves resonated with my network”.

“I didn’t like the idea of asking for donations at first, but it was easy once I saw the response. My supporters really wanted to help the cause, not just support me. There was such a great feeling of accomplishment through the whole process for everyone”.

So, what was the hardest thing about Grace’s challenge?

“I love running, but I had no idea how hard it would be to have to wake myself up in the middle of the night (every 4 hours) to run 4 miles. I would remind myself at the beginning of every run about the everyday challenges that people living with disabilities faced and how lucky I was to be able to even do this. And off I would go. I learnt a lot about myself and generosity through this whole experience. I am so glad I did it”.

Grace ran a total 77 kilometers in two days!  She is thrilled to know that the money she raised will go toward the Making Waves, Winds of Joy program, sharing her joy with people who would never normally dream of sailing on a racing yacht, let alone sailing on one of the most beautiful harbors in the world.

Thank you, Grace!

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