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SWD President End of Year Message

Success comes from achieving what you set out to do.

SWD has just completed another successful year, with successes both obvious and often barely noticed.

The headline success this last year was the completion of Phase 1 of the Wright of Passage program. The Wright of Passage program commenced in early 2018 and with the help of 8 young adults who were looking for a way to start to their careers, culminated in a voyage to Tasmania for the Wooden Boat Festival in February.

However, this didn’t happen without the initial vision, the donated yacht and heaps of energy and commitment by some dedicated people. With several of the participants gaining apprenticeships or completing additional training we are delighted that all involved gained in confidence and were capable ambassadors for SWD in Hobart.

Yet every time we complete any of our programs, whether that is a Winds of Joy sail during the week, or on the 8th week of a Winds of Change program, or the end of 2 months of the Northern campaign, or a hard-fought race - we have succeeded. We have done what we set out to do.

Now think of what had to happen for these ‘day-to-day’ successes. The schools or organisations have to be arranged, the necessary documents completed; the crews have to be there, but also have to meet the training needs to enable the right combination of skills to conduct the program safely; the boat has to be available; it has to carry the right equipment; to be maintained well and consistently. On top of this we must generate the income that pays for all these resources and administer these elements carefully and effectively – and when all these combine on the day, we have success.

Can I therefore thank and congratulate everyone that contributes to SWD’s success:

  • Our Volunteers and staff - you each bring energy and experience to the team and we thank you for your contribution.
  • Donors, Sponsors and other supporters. It is impossible to exaggerate the value provided by our Donors, Sponsors and other supporters. Their sustained generosity and support for what we do is fundamental and greatly appreciated.
  • Board. All Board Members participate in several ways to the range of tasks and programs of SWD

Can I make special mention of the drive and energy of David and Deb?

You may be not aware that the last financial year was one of the best years for success with Grants. The considerable effort required in this task, without any guarantee of success, is due to Deb Sandars’ determination, experience and plain old elbow grease.

The SWD legacy we share today has been created by David Pescud and whilst I am sure we have all been regaled by the stories, we don’t truly appreciate the physical and emotional effort needed to get SWD to where it is today. So, please take a minute to acknowledge our Founder and CEO for the formidable energy and effort that he continues to apply for the benefit of those guests of ours that may think they are less able.

What we aim to achieve, every day, is set out in our revised Mission Statement


To provide inclusive and unique sailing experiences with skilled volunteers and staff that:

- challenge and support disabled or disadvantaged people to explore their potential and to facilitate an optimistic and positive mindset; and  

- raise awareness in society to change the attitude to disabled or disadvantaged people. 

The significance of the change is the recognition that we have two objectives, one for the participants themselves and the other for the world at large to observe what our disabled and disadvantaged charges can do.

Whatever your involvement with SWD - You all help us make a difference.

Have a safe and happy holiday period, and see you all in the New Year,

Andrew King - SWD President



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