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SWD Launches in Melbourne

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In early March, SWD travelled to Melbourne to engage and interact with some exciting new people and meet new faces. Along with making some strong connections, the team has been running pilot programs aboard the yacht, Kayle, for Victoria’s many extraordinary children.

Sandringham Yacht Club welcomed SWD in March

The trip has been a long time coming, with many schools from Melbourne expressing interest in climbing aboard. This prompted SWD volunteers and crew to travel to Melbourne and run programs for three weeks, with the hope of establishing a permanent presence in our new base at Port Phillip.

So far, over 50 children have had the empowering experience of manning Kayle, and “while initially slightly worried, they soon have a big smile on their face,” said David Pescud SWDFounder.

This initiative has also been a process of longevity. Establishing a base at Port Phillip will allow SWD to run simultaneously in Melbourne and Sydney. This prospect has only been conceivable with backing from our new generous patron Bryan Dorman for our pilot program. His involvement has been the catalyst to working towards SWD having permanent presence in the state.

“The early feedback is positive,” said David, “we’ve had a great reception and looking forward at things to come.”

Kayle sailed down from Sydney last week, and David believes regular trips of this length will be a “great training process” for the team.

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