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SWD Launches Hobart Pilot Program Tomorrow

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Sailors with disABILITIES is launching its first Winds of Joy program in Hobart tomorrow, Monday 15th of February, expanding its national outreach program to Tasmania. Running for two weeks until February 26, Winds of Joy Hobart will give young people with disability in Tasmania the opportunity to experience the joy of sailing in a session sailing on board Kayle, a yacht designed especially for people with disabilities, able to accommodate up to 5 wheelchairs at a time.

Kayle docked at the Derwent Sailing Squadron today with stunning Hobart as the backdrop for two weeks of Winds of Joy programs

Kayle docked in Hobart

Eight schools in Hobart—over 250 children—will join SWD's national program and sail in 20 Winds of Joy sessions over the two week pilot program.

SWD will enjoy the hospitality of Derwent Sailing Squadron who have kindly offered to host Kayle since the finish of the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and for the duration of the Winds of Joy program in Hobart.

Founder of SWD, David Pescud, said, “The initiative of Tim Oxley, last year, inviting SWD to present at The Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart started us thinking about extending our outreach programs to Hobart. With the warmth and support we’ve received since then, we’re already planning another outreach program for children with disability in Hobart in 2017.”

The new team of volunteers from Tasmania and others from NSW on board Kayle today in Hobart. 

Volunteers on board Kayle in Hobart


The company Kayle is currently keeping in Hobart courtesy of the Derwent Sailing Squadron

View of Kayle's berth in Hobart

Sailing in and around the Derwent River for children’s programs will be a highlight for everyone involved with SWD.

SWD’s sailing programs are run exclusively by SWD crew volunteers, many of whom are NSW-based volunteers traveling to Hobart for the program, as well as new Tasmanian volunteers who will join SWD for the first time in Hobart. As such, the team of SWD volunteers and staff met today in Hobart for volunteer orientation in preparation for the start of Winds of Joy in Hobart.

Meeting today with volunteers in Hobart, some of whom sailed in the recent RSHYR and also volunteer with SWD, and some of whom are joining SWD for the first time.

Orientation in Hobart with volunteers

For many of the children, Winds of Joy will be the first step on a journey of change in which disabilities will be left onshore and new horizons will open over the course of a few hours, as the children witness each others’ success on deck and observe SWD volunteers crewing the boat and join in.

By the time they dock again in Sandy Bay, they will realise they can experience freedom on the water, defined only by what they can do and their imagination.

The stunning Hobart backdrop suits Kayle. Tomorrow, programs begin here. 

Wide view of Kayle docked in Hobart


Clockwise from front left sitting: Hoppy (Peter Hopkins, who helmed on Kayle in last year's RSHYR), PJ in red, Christina, Kathy and Ian

Volunteers meeting Hobart for Winds of Joy


Jeff Casket, left, and Dave Condon.  

Hobart volunteer meeting


Val, Chrissie, Mike and Greg (who sailed the last two RSHYR with SWD and many Winds of Joy programs up north and in Sydney)

Hobart volunteers filling out forms


David Pescud, SWD founder, addresses the volunteers who have come for orientation with SWD

David Pescud and volunteers Hobart


Volunteers and RSHYR crew Jac Wilson and Greg Pugh's view from Kayle this evening. Photo courtesy of Greg. 

Hobart Sunset


We're so excited to see these new and old faces coming together for Winds of Joy HOBART for the next two weeks.

Hobart Volunteers on board Kayle


You can also follow us on social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The first video from the volunteers today is here on Facebook now

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