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Bookings Open for Northern Campaign 2016

We have opened bookings for Winds of Joy sailing days for children with disability from schools in Southport, Coffs Harbour, Rosslyn Bay, Mackay and Gladstone.

This program forms part of SWD's annual Northern Campaign running between Jul-Sep this year. Scroll to the bottom of this item for where and how to book.

Read about Winds of Joy sailing programs here.

Program Dates:

Rosslyn Bay: 21/07/2016
Rosslyn Bay: 22/07/2016
Rosslyn Bay: 25/07/2016
Rosslyn Bay: 26/07/2016

Mackay: 3/08/2016
Mackay: 4/08/2016
Mackay: 5/08/2016
Mackay: 8/08/2016
Mackay: 9/08/2016
Mackay: 10/08/2016

(Scroll down for more dates)

Highlights from 2015's Northern Campaign: "Ship to starboard!"

Northern Campaign images 2015

Gladstone: 24/08/2016
Gladstone: 25/08/2016
Gladstone: 26/08/2016

Southport: 5/09/2016
Southport: 6/09/2016
Southport: 7/09/2016
Southport: 8/09/2016
Southport: 9/09/2016

Coffs Harbour: 19/09/2016
Coffs Harbour: 20/09/2016
Coffs Harbour: 21/09/2016
Coffs Harbour: 22/09/2016

If you're ready to book for your school on the above dates, fill in the application form here.

If you already have a log in, head to the interactive calendar. Log in at the top of the page. Select the month. And then select the date for your area.

Email: for more details.

Highlights from 2015's Northern Campaign: Helming is half the fun for students and teachers, assisted by SWD volunteers.

Northern Campaign photos 2015


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