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Northern Campaign: Newcastle

As part of the Northern Campaign, SWD ran Winds of Joy programs in Newcastle from 17-21 October. SWD spoke to some of the teachers from Newcastle High School who said, of their students' experience:

"They loved it. It allowed the frightened children to push themselves in a nurturing environment. They didn't see crew as people with disabilities and they don't see themselves as people with disabilities. It was nice for them to see people with disabilities doing exciting stuff and for that to be normal. It was very empowering."

Newcastle Winds of Joy

"One girl who is very anxious didn't want to go. She said she didn't think she could do it. But within fifteen minutes she was walking all over the boat. She loved it and her squeals of delight were priceless. This is a girl who wouldn't come to the movies and now she was happily going up the bow."

Of their experience, the children said:

"It was wavy and I saw 2 whales."
"It made me really happy."
"It was magnificent. It was fun until I got wet."

You can help empower more children by donating here:

Newcastle WInds of Joy



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