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Lake Illawarra High School Winds of Change Success!

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"This experience has been a wonderful for the kids from our school. Traditionally they’re very afraid to challenge themselves for fear of failure. They believed “testing myself is scary because if I fail, it’s a direct reflection on myself."

Now they realise that failing is just part of the learning.

I cannot believe how willing they’ve been to meet this challenge head on; it’s corresponding to different areas of their lives--academically and socially.

We’re running the Duke of Edinburgh Award this year for a lot of our year 9 and 10 students. Every one of these kids from Winds of Change put their hands up to do that and challenge themselves. They would not have done this before Winds of Change--giving back to the community and interacting and being part of the community, that’s just brilliant.

It would definitely have been different before Winds of Change. None of them would have done that and they would have said they couldn’t be bothered or 'I can’t do it'.

Their self belief has become huge. Years of self growth in weeks sailing here with SWD. I want to thank everyone for the opportunity."

--Wendy, a teacher's aid at Lake Illawarra High School.

You can help more young people facing disadvantage have life changing experiences by donating here:

Your school can get involved in Winds of Change here:

Winds of Change Program opens a whole new world of challenge, skill development, and discovery for young people who have disengaged from learning. 

Lake Illawarra High School sailing

Lake Illawarra High School sailing 1

Lake Illawarra High School sailing 3

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