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How Winds of Change Helps Change Lives: Skye

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One of the teacher's from Lake Illawarra High School spoke with SWD:

"Skye was a very reserved girl at school, a bit of a loner. She always had confidence in who she was but she didn’t really want to make a lot of friends. Now, she has a group of friends and she’s extending that across the school. She’s not just hanging by herself.

Skye is a lot more confident in her school work and she opted to do Duke of Edinburgh as well. She never would have done that before Winds of Change.

All this change happened in the last few weeks since coming on board Winds of Change. It's been an amazing experience. Thank you."

You can help more young people like Skye have life changing experiences by donating here:

Your school can get involved in Winds of Change here:

Winds of Change Program opens a whole new world of challenge, skill development, and discovery for young people who have disengaged from learning.

Skye on the wheel

Skye steering 1

Skye & Lake Illawarra Students on bow

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