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How Winds of Change Helps Change Lives: Sean

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A teacher from Lake Illawarra High School spoke to us about the impact on her students. She said:

"Sean has a pretty difficult home life and has traditionally had a lot of anger problems. He’s developed control and learned so much about himself since Winds of Change. He is walking away from situations that he would have taken on head on—confrontations—and he’s starting to mentor some children who are still in younger years and talk to them about alternative ways to deal with problems. It’s amazing.

This has all come about because of Winds of Change. Thank you!"

You can help more young people like Sean have life changing experiences by donating here:

Your school can get involved in Winds of Change here:

Winds of Change Program opens a whole new world of challenge, skill development, and discovery for young people who have disengaged from learning.

Sean and Co Winds of Change

Sean and Co Winds of Change 2

Sean and Co Winds of Change 3

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