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How WInds of Joy Helps Change Lives: Hobart

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A testimonial from Clarence High School, Hobart:

“I want to take the opportunity to thank Sailors With Disability for the recent sailing experiences in Hobart. For most of our students this was their first time sailing. The students were enthusiastic about the experience and gained so much from being included in the sailing of “Kayle”. The crew were wonderful, understanding and caring, and this made the time aboard so much richer. We have been following up the experience at school with various activities.

As an indication of the impact it had on students, I can relate this short story. We have a young girl in high school for the first time with extreme anxiety and an intellectual disability. She has been struggling to stay at school. We managed to get her aboard on day one with her mum. On day two, she came to school and was struggling. We offered her the chance to sail again as we had a space left in another booking. She lept at the chance and, by the end of the sail, we could see her confidence grow. This interaction with school support staff was very positive and allowed staff to continue to build a relationship based on trust, security and understanding that has continued all year. She has been at school every day since and has now become a valuable mentor to two other students with disability. Sailing allowed her to succeed and also to feel valued.

She was also able to make stronger connections with her teacher aide support. Thanks again and we all hope that we see SWD in Hobart again”.

Dave Moult, Support Teacher, Clarence High School, Hobart, 2016

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