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Making Waves Regatta Thank You

We wish to thank everyone who helped make the Making Waves Regatta a success. The Cruising Yacht Club Of Australia (CYCA) provided space and support to SWD and allowed us to host the Regatta in the club at Rushcutters Bay on March 10. The CYCA provided a lot of support including the Race Start and Finish boat and helped us navigated our first regatta.

We wish to thank yacht owners and Skippers who supplied their boats to be hired by companies that raced on board on the day:

  • John Smith of Amici
  • Danny McConville of Espresso Forte
  • Brett Pearce of La Niche
  • Les Pomgrass of Minnow
  • Arthur Psaltis of Mystic
  • Anthony Bishop of Rocksalt
  • Stephen Willis of Stevie Nics
  • Dave Kellet of Sydney
  • Geoff Lavis of Wild Thing
  • David Newton of YKnot
  • Niel Burling of Baltic Lady

We wish to thank the two yacht owners who contributed by purchasing their own yachts and racing on the day: Anthony Bishop of Rocksalt and David Newton of YKnot.

We wish to thank the companies and organisations that purchased a yacht to race on board one of the donated yachts:

We wish to thank ABC Radio’s Simon Marnie who was MC of the awards ceremony.

Two professional photographers generously donated their time and skills to photograph the event from a media boat, also donated for the event by Brett Pearce, SWD volunteer. We wish to thank the photographers Dallas Kilponen and Sierra Malevich.

We wish to thank all the businesses and individuals who donated prizes to the event that helped us raise funds on the day: 

Abode Wines, Annandale cellars, AQUABUMPS, Back Vintage Wines, Bondi Wash, Brokenwood Wines, Camperdown Cellars, Catalina, Dan Murphys Double Bay, digiDIRECT, Sturrocks, Elizabeth Osborne Hairdresser, Iggys Bread, Jill Henry Sweet Chariot, Nestlé, Next Media, Oatley Wines, Paper Pak, QTBondi, Rose Bay North Cellars, SAILS MAGAZINE, Salsa Wines, Sun Life Products (sunscreen). 

We wish to thank several dozen SWD volunteers and friends of SWD who helped on land and crewed on water. Several key volunteers worked with our team to help make it happen. We wish to especially thank Ruth Lillian OAM and Ann Flynn, in particular, volunteers who helped on a weekly basis prepare the event for the past 9 months. 

The SWD board members worked tirelessly behind the scenes, helping facilitate connections, especially with the CYCA, so that this event could come to fruition and be a success.

For those who wish to be involved in our 2018 Regatta, please email 

Thank you to the companies and organisations that bought spaces on boats:

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newton-real-estate.jpg NNWProperty.jpg SurvitecLogo.png
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Making Waves Regatta 2017 3

Image by Dallas Kilponen

Making Waves Regatta 2017 2

Image by Dallas Kilponen

Making Waves Regatta 2017 4

Image by Dallas Kilponen

Making Waves Regatta 2017

Image by Dallas Kilponen

Making Waves Regatta 2017 5

Image by Dallas Kilponen

Making Waves Regatta 2017 6

Image by Dallas Kilponen

Making Waves Regatta 2017 7

Image by Dallas Kilponen

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