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Women Volunteers on International Women's Day

We celebrated the contribution of SWD's female volunteers for International Women's Day on March 8. In her own words, Julia explained why she volunteers with SWD:

"Volunteering with SWD reminds me there is always a way. Never say, 'I can't.' SWD inspires us all to say, 'I can.' Everyone I meet through SWD inspires me, but my favourite thing is seeing the kids' faces light up when they realise they can too. It brings me joy."

Lisa, a volunteer from our Melbourne program, explains why she volunteers with SWD:

"When I see the students' smiles and hear feedback such as that one student took their family down to look at boats as they were so proud they were now a sailor, that is why I do it. Because sailing is about being part of a team, about everyone playing a needed part, all equal and dealing with the same conditions. The students really gain value from that experience and knowing 'I can'. I love sharing that." 

You can volunteer with us and make a difference. Start here: 

Lisa, Melbourne SWD volunteer

Lisa SWD Volunteer


Julia SWD volunteer

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