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5 Programs in One Day: Mel, Syd, Hobart

Across Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney on Feb 21, SWD volunteers ran 5 Winds of Joy programs, welcoming over 50 children with disabilities, their parents, teachers and carers on board three specially adapted yachts.

This included St Ives High School in Sydney, Montagu Bay Primary in Hobart, Waringah Park School in Melbourne, Springvale Park SDS Mel, and Wairoa in Sydney. It was a spectacular success and, as you can see, the weather was kind across all three citiies, something of a miracle at this time of year. What has become clear is that students LOVE steering and grow in confidence when they do, taking on new challenges when they get back home and to school.

Teachers at Warringah Park School said, "“I can't believe it, some of our kids were very reluctant to get involved, but the volunteers you have are terrific. They have the ability to create an environment where our children feel safe, comfortable and become engaged and then work as a team. I’m pleasantly surprised that all of my class got so interested and involved with the activities.”

SWD Hobart 2017

Winds of Joy

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