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Warringa Park School Loved Winds of Joy

SWD spoke to teachers from schools who've come on board Winds of Joy in 2017 to find out how the program has been for them.

Fortunately, there's much positive feedback from teachers who get to know how the program impacts their students.  Wendy, a teacher from Warringa Park School, said:

“I had a few scared students. They were scared that the boat was going to roll over! At the end of the experience, the scared ones were getting up and steering the boat and some went to the front of the boat and sat with the other students, something they would never do!"


"They had to be able to work as a team and not get in each other's way, which was important."


"Afterwards, a couple of students looked up the boat and researched to find out where the boat is from and what it had done. They took the initiative to do that and share it with the class! That would normally never happen, either"


"They don’t get these opportunities, normally, and they said they would love to try it again.”


Warringa Park School students take over crewing with SWD volunteers in Melbourne!

Warringa Park Winds of Joy

Warringa Park Winds of Joy

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