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John Berne School Student Video

The John Berne School has a long and rich history with SWD and the Winds of Change program. Groups from the school have come on board in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for the 8-week sailing and leadership program for children who experience adversity.

A new group of 10 students are half way through the 8-week program now and are impressing the volunteer crew all over again with their enthusiasm and willingness to work together!

Two weeks ago, the skipper on Winds of Change gave his iPhone over to the students so they could tell you about the program from their perspective. In this video, Matt talks about the program:

"It’s basically about teamwork and teaching us some useful skills. I’ve done pretty much all the jobs on the boat. I’ve done driving, I’ve done putting up the sails, I’ve done winches…”


Click on the video below to hear Matt talk!



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