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Sail Making and Firefighting Training Seminars

From time to time, SWD arranges seminars and training in subjects and skill areas relevant to safe and effective management of its boats. In the past month, we've had firefighting training and sail making seminars. 

 Hood Sailmakers


Twenty volunteers signed up to join a sail making seminar hosted by Hood Sails in Brookvale, Sydney, last week.

“We learned about several types of sail cloths, from basic to high-tech, including sails made from carbon materials,” SWD volunteer Skipper, John Marty, said.

Everyone had a go at handling the materials and asking lots of questions.

“We learned about sail care and I saw exotic materials never seen before or only seen from a distance. It was interesting to learn about the process of sail design – we learned that sails aren’t just flat, they’re 3D and they’re all computer designed. After designing, they’re sent out for cutting and then they come back and sewn together. Then they’re tested and modified after that.


SWD arranged firefighting training at the NSW TAFE Western Sydney Institute, Nirimba Campus at Quakers Hill. Eighteen volunteers joined the class and learned about the categories of fires. They were also exposed to the types of fire extinguishers used to deal with different categories. Volunteers got to use a fire extinguisher in action and put out a real fire as part of the training.

“It was a real eye opener seeing first hand how effective fire extinguishers are in putting out fires,” John Marty, Skipper, said. “We used them on real fires in the training and I was amazed at how well it worked. We used different types of extinguishers, fire blankets and the full fire hose.”

"I don’t want to ever have to use a fire extinguisher but I’m happy to know that if we need it, we know how to use it and it really works.”

Ray Anthony, the SWD volunteer who organised this said we're hoping to run more sessions like this in future and will invite you all to join in.

"It's pretty relevant. We learned it's not impossible to put out a fire. I was happy we got eighteen people there. I think it's so practical."

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