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A Milestone for Winds of Joy

Last Tuesday's Winds of Joy sail program with Centennial Park School generated some remarkable success stories. Soon we'll share with you profiles of some of those students and how Winds of Joy has had a truly positive impact on their lives. 

An element of that success is leadership. Last Tuesday, a mixed group of juniors and seniors, including two new junior boys, came on board. The students experience mental health challenges and the school was set up to give strategies to students to cope and succeed in life after formal schooling is complete. 

The teacher explained that the two junior boys were unwilling to contribute to the running of the boat and some of the volunteers were a little surprised by the students' attitudes.

“However,” explained their teacher, Andrew, “two boys named Edwin and Rory, both seniors, noticed the younger students' behaviour and took it upon themselves to set a good example and make a positive contribution to the running of the boat.”

Rory and Andrew steered and helped on the winches and sails. They asked questions and helped mentor their class mates, too.

“The experience gave those two boys the chance to stand up and lead by example and we recognised them back at school for their maturity and cooperation,” Andrew said.

A most wonderful outcome is that Rory, who has sailed in Winds of Joy before, asked the Skipper if he can become an SWD volunteer in the next few months. If he does, Rory will be the first Winds of Joy participant to become an onwater SWD volunteer. We’re now working towards welcoming Rory into our volunteer family later in the year.

You can help us make a difference to more schools and young people like Rory by donating:

Centennial Park School in Winds of Joy, Sydney


Centennial Park School in Winds of Joy, Sydney


Centennial Park School in Winds of Joy, Sydney


Centennial Park School in Winds of Joy, Sydney




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