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Skipper of Hope




'I get to work with some of the most dynamic spirits on the planet, every day of my life - what a gift!' is how Sailors with disABILILITIES's David Pescud describes his role in the organisation that he founded back in 1994.

And about the people that SWD caters to David says 'they might think they can, or they think they might be able to, or they think they will have a go, that is what we are all about'. 

David, who has profound dyslexia went through the first 18 years of his life being made to feel inadequate. He left school at 14 because the education system made him feel 'ignorant and dumb'. But at 18 he was finally diagnosed with dyslexia which gave him some answers and led him on a new path to work out 'who I was, what I was and where I was going to go'

Throughout the years of doubt for David, he always had sailing. 'Sailing is a great venue for making new relationships and for being challenged, and we are being challenged by an abstract concept - the wind and the sea, and it takes no mercy. The sea doesn't know if you don't have an arm or a leg or if you can't read or write.'

By introducing these disabled or disadvantaged kids and adults to Sailing, SWD aims to 'build a more optimistic Australia. We want to encourage people to make better choices and become innovative thinkers.' 

'We are trying to change the way society perceives disabled people, and in doing that the whole of society becomes richer, because we accept that challenge of making things better - we all win, Australia becomes just that much richer.'

Watch this video from 2014 to learn more about how SWD creates positive experiences for disabled and disadvantaged youth and adults.

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