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Wangee Park & Wairoa Schools Winds of Joy

On Thursday November 16th, SWD hosted two lovely schools for our Winds of Joy Sail on Sydney Harbour. In the morning we were joined by the delightful kids and staff from Wangee Park School and in the afternoon we met the fantastic kids and staff from Wairoa School. 

The following stories about the day, are from SWD volunteer Renee Smith, pictured below with Chisolm from Wangee Park School.

'Initially Chisolm wasn't responding to or interacting with me' says Renee 'and it was quite an effort to keep convincing him to stay seated next to me as we prepared to leave the dock. However as soon as our yacht Kayle pulled out into the channel and he felt the breeze, his face lit up into the most glorious smile. That big smile then stayed on his face as he responded to all the different sights that I was pointing out to him'.

Chisolm was very keen to go and sit up on the bow with one of his teachers and some of the SWD crew. He happily sat up there for the whole trip around the harbour. It was wonderful to see Chisolm enjoy his sailing experience so much'


'The second story from Thursday was how sailing brings peace' says Renee.
'Tia arrived at the marina quite agitated and upset. Soon after Kayle pulled away from the dock, she chose to lay down quietly on the deck. Her mum mentioned that she had been agitated all morning because things were out of the normal routine. After almost an hour in that position, she sat up, and we could see that she was just quietly taking in all the sights around her and watching the waves that Kayle made. Tia then happily sat next to her friend, and gave her mum lots of cuddles and kisses. Her mum commented that this was the lovely lady that she knew. It was really special to witness the calming effect that sailing had for Tia.'
'And this is a photo of Patrick, who came on the afternoon sail. He also took a great liking to laying on the deck and feeling the vibrations and motions of Kayle.'
Beautiful Spring days on Sydney Harbour are the perfect setting for our SWD Winds of Joy Sails. 
Special thanks to SWD Volunteer Renee for these fantastic stories.
Julie Hermansen
Communications Coordinator

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