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Hobart Outreach Program 2018

Cold front delays Hobart Outreach Program

The start of our 3rd Hobart Outreach program coincided with a massive cold front crossing Tassie which has delayed play somewhat.

Wednesday was crew training day, but with 55 knots of wind, rain, hail and a bit of thunder we had to remain in our berth.

Our Hobart volunteers this year are Val Nicholls, Chrissie Materia and Ed Glover, all here for the 3rd season, and Karin Petrie and Karen O'Shea for their second, and Sandy McManus who is joining us for the first time. All are proficient and experienced sailors and are really here for the kids. 

Our FIFOs include Tony and Mary Anne Purkiss, Ian Mustillo, Renee Smith, Ian Wyard and later, Greg Pugh, as well as Kathy Veel who could be called seasonal Tasmanian.

The strong winds persisted today (Thursday) with showers as a second front went through, and even in dock activities weren't possible.

However Wot Eva is well ready and we are champing at the bit.

In this part of the world the weather changes from minute to minute.

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