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News Jan 2014

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Faceboat third in the Hobart

faceboat had a fabulous sail down to Hobart this year and came a very respectable third.

The crew loved having the sea of faces on the side of the boat willing them on during 4 days at sea.

19 year old Grace Kennedy had some tough moments and really appreciated all the support. Read more here

And Kirk Watson our blind skipper found having his family on the side of the boat incredibly comforting in the stormy seas. Read more here

faceboat has received so much positive feedback that it will continue next year. Look out for the boat on the water in 2014 – you can join our growing community by adding your face to the boat.

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101 year old Grandmother sails to Hobart

Here's a lovely story we received during the race...

'My grandmother [Freda Deas] is 101 years old, lives on her own on a property and our dilemma was what to get her for Christmas.

We arranged for her to sail in the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race with her very young great, great grandchildren [Abbie, Andy and Bowie] as photos on the Sailors with Disabilities Faceboat.

She is "chuffed" and has told all and sundry that she is doing the Sydney Hobart. Every morning and evening she calls to ask what her standing is, how fast she and the other boats are travelling, what course she is doing and how the crew is going.

She is happy with their PHS position but hopes their Line Honours position improves.

Thank you David Pescud and Crew for providing such an opportunity that turned into a beautiful, engaging gift that just keeps giving for my Grandmother and grandchildren.

Thank you so much for the opportunity. Merilyn."

What’s your story?
Lots of you have told us there are stories behind the photos you’ve chosen to upload to faceboat. Some of your stories are pretty inspiring.

If you’d like to share the story behind the photo please send your story by email to

Sharing your story will encourage others to upload their image and show their support for our growing faceboat community.

Thanks again for your support - all of us at SWD and faceboat wish you a fantastic 2014.

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