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MWF Volunteering Opportunities

We'd love to have you onboard!


Volunteer Coordinator

Do you have experience of building and running teams? Do you like putting round pegs in square holes?

Volunteers are the core of MWF and this is a pivotal role in our organisation. You'll meet and assess new volunteers and take care of our volunteer appreciation programs.

Oh yes, and there will be opportunities to get out on the water to check on your volunteers' progress.

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Donor Coordinator

Are you a relationship builder? Do you enjoy working as part of a fun and vibrant team?

Our Donor Coordinator develops and builds relationships with partners providing staff as volunteers.

Apply for this role if you love to chat, make friends, and see great results from your work.

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Program Coordinator

Do you want to be on the front end of creating change? Do you want to hear first hand about MWF's results?

Our Program Coordinators are responsible for the administration of one of our MWF programs. They liaise with schools and the MWF team to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

Apply if you you have the ability to work independently, and as part of a team.

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Grants Writer

Do you have previous experience writing industry or NGO grant applications? Do you love to create change?

Our Grant Writers pro-actively identify and apply for suitable grants to secure funding for MWF.

Oh yes, and there will be opportunities to get out on the water to see the results of your work.

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Research Assistant

Have you got an inquiring mind? Do you have a good head for figures?

Our Research Assistants look into industry trends and opportunities and international and industry standards and benchmarks.

Apply for this role if you love to investigate, analyse and share your work with a fun and vibrant team.

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Story Teller

Do you love to chat to people and find out what makes them tick? Do you want to help create amazing digital content?

Our Story Tellers chat to our participants and volunteers and draw out their stories.

Apply if you are fascinated by people and love to find out more about them.

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