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Racing History

MWF Racing History

Photo by Howard Wright of IMAGE Professional Photography

MWF Racing History

Making Waves Foundation started in February 1994 with the 50th Sydney to Hobart Race. It was the first time a fully disabled crew had sailed in an ocean race. It was also supposed to be the last, but from this event, a not-for-profit community organisation was formed. We called it Making Waves Foundation - an apt name.

In 1995, we took part again and achieved a 3rd in our Division.

The Making Waves Foundation team continued on in the 1996 Sydney to Hobart but unfortunately broke the boom and had to retire.

1997 was a good year but we didn't get on the dais. By this time, we were sailing with a mixed crew of disabled and able-bodied people.

1998 was a treacherous race and saw us 9th over the line and 1st in divisional handicap. These races were sailed on an Adams 16.2m yacht named "Carpe Diem" and owned by David Pescud.

In 1999, Making Waves Foundation did not participate in the Sydney to Hobart as the time was spent building the new yacht.

2000 saw a withdrawal from Sydney to Hobart with a rigging problem. Less than a week later, we managed to pull the mast out, enter the Sydney to Coffs Harbour Race, and WIN!

We had a mid-fleet finish in the Sydney to Hobart in 2001.

A 2002 place in division in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart.

2003 was a busy year for Making Waves Foundation. Sponsored by KAZ computing group, we spent the year attaining two world records:

  1. The world record for a non stop, unassisted circumnavigation around Australia by a monohull.
  2. The world record by a disabled crew, for a non stop, unassisted circumnavigation around Australia in 37 days and 1 hour.

The seven crew were Al Grundy (Polio), Kim Jaggar (amputee), Brett Pearce (Spina Bifida), Harald Merlieb (hearing-impaired) Phil Thompson (amputee) Albert Lee (double-amputee) and our dyslexic skipper, David Pescud.

2004 saw another withdrawal from Rolex Sydney to Hobart.

A mid-fleet finish in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart in 2005.

In 2006 we were forced to pull out of Rolex Sydney to Hobart with rudder failure.

2007 Division Winners and Division Overall in Rolex Sydney to Hobart.

Finished 8th in Division in the 2008 Rolex Sydney to Hobart.

2009 saw us coming 2nd in Division in Rolex Sydney to Hobart.  

Forced retirement in 2010 due to boat failure.

Unable to compete in 2011 as boat was being repaired.

26th place in the Sydney Hobart in 2012. Room for improvement!

In 2013 we raced Hobart with the support of hundreds of people on the hull through You can read David Pescud's round up of the race here.

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