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Content Item - Calling Volunteers!

02 February 2018

Do you have a passion to mentor young people? Do you Love old timber boats?

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Content Item - Northern Campaign 2016 Launches

SWD launches its Northern Campaign on July 21, an outreach program for children with disabilities. This is an annual effort that takes the yacht, Kayle, and SWD volunteers who crew it from Sydney to Rosslyn Bay, Mackay, Southport and Coffs Harbour during the next 8 weeks. Called Winds of Joy, SWD runs this same program every year, as we have for over 18 years.


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Content Item - Sydney to Sydney Challenge 2015

The Sydney to Sydney Challenge was an event in which Sailors with disABILITIES set out to set a world record for the Sydney to Lord Howe Island passage with a crew of 10 in a mono-hull yacht, the TP-52 WOT EVA. 

Topics: ndis,  disability,  disability services,  sailing,  female volunteer,  volunteer australia,  world record,  sydney to lord howe island


Content Item - Volunteer Profile: Kristi Foster

What made you want to volunteer with SWD? I believe in the ethos of SWD with my very soul. Having been there, physically disabled, and still struggling day to day with crippling pain, I bring a unique perspective to their struggles, too.

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