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Winds Of Change

Winds of Change Sailing Program

Opportunities for Personal Growth

The Winds of Change program has been developed for young people with challenging behaviours or diverse learning abilities. Built on sound adventure-based educational theory, it provides young people with outdoor opportunities for personal growth.

Working as a team to successfully sail a large racing yacht is an unfamiliar, exciting and challenging context. The Making Waves Foundation crew work alongside the participants to establish emotionally safe social dynamics, within which participants can evaluate and strengthen a range of personal attributes that are essential for managing life’s challenges with positivity and optimism.

The program is offered in partnership with schools and comprises of a sail training course offered 1 day per week over an 8-week period.

Key Outcomes

The program uses sailing experiences to motivate young people to better confront life’s challenges with determination and optimism.

Our participants:

  • Learn basic sailing skills
  • Realize self-confidence and self-potential
  • Build skills in communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • Participants, each with differing abilities and attitudes, develop the ability to work as a team

View a 2-minute overview video of the Winds of Change program

Why We Believe in Winds of Change

"The success of Winds of Change is the real change in peoples' attitude to a challenge.

How they learn to see opportunities and not negatives. How to look for solutions on our boat, and discover how attitude and teamwork can deliver positive outcomes for them and others.

Sailing is the medium we use to achieve these outcomes - after all who can resist the magic of sail?

This work is supported by the commitment and passion of a group of skilled volunteers who love what they do."

About Our Yachts

Our yachts are specially adapted to take wheelchairs. Using a electronic joystick, pretty much everyone on board can have a go at steering the boat. Our skippers and volunteers are trained to offer support, kindness, and a positive environment which encourages our participants and stimulates their imaginations.

What They're Saying

"Jessie’s self-confidence has vastly improved, and a realisation of his potential, through putting himself in the unfamiliar territory on the boat, has been a major benefit of this program."

"Sarah really benefited from the challenges and tasks presented to her during the 8 weeks of sailing. Her growth in self-confidence has seen her begin to contribute positively to the classroom without being coached or forced to."

"Luke was very reluctant to take on the role of steering the boat in the first few weeks, even though he showed natural skill for it. Major improvements in his self-confidence saw him not only be happy to steer the boat when asked, but also guide others in the task – this is something Luke would never have been comfortable in doing previously."

Want to Come Sailing?

Our sailing programs are available free to special schools and community groups.

To reserve a sail date you will need to login to access the booking calendar.

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