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Winds of ChangeWinds of Change


Creating Opportunity for Disadvantaged Youth


What is Winds of Change?

Winds of Change helps disadvantaged and disengaged youth re-engage. It opens doors and helps transform the inner and outer lives of youth who may be experiencing difficult circumstances at home or school.

Sharon Angel, volunteer skipper, discusses her experience with the Winds of Change program


Winds of Change:

  • Is designed around contemporary educational thinking;

  • Is built on sound educational theory;

  • Provides an environment that facilitates learning;

  • Combines different knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve positive outcomes for students through an ‘engaged’ learning model.


How does Winds of Change work?

winds of change MWFMWF's Winds of Change Program opens a whole new world of challenge, skill development, and discovery for young people who have disengaged from learning. 

Winds of Change provides disadvantaged and disengaged young people the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a way they never dreamed possible. They learn to sail a racing yacht on Sydney Harbour; from the very first day of the program they are exposed to possibility.

Winds of Change provides role models and mentors

‘Student sailors’ find themselves in the company of others who have differing abilities, and who have realised aspirations and goals and understand the challenges of being perceived to be different.

Alternative Ways of Learning

It supports alternative schools’ curriculum and provides pathways to new learning, supporting potential employment opportunities in the process.

Ongoing Opportunities

By offering ongoing engagement in an exciting sport. Students not only learn the technical skills of sailing, but they add value to themselves and others.


Students learn how to manage their emotions through mindfulness, collaboration, the ability to work with others; and they have a huge amount of fun.

See footage from our intensive Winds of Change program with the Clontarf Foundation.


Why do we believe in Winds of Change?

winds of change MWF

In the words of MWF founder David Pescud...

"The success of Winds of Change is the real change in peoples' attitude to a challenge.

How they learn to see opportunities and not negatives. How to look for solutions on our boat, and discover how attitude and teamwork can deliver positive outcomes for them and others.

Sailing is the medium we use to achieve these outcomes - after all who can resist the magic of sail?

This work is supported by the commitment and passion of a group of skilled volunteers who love what they do."

 Some feedback from our schools:

…. 'the sheer delight can be seen in their faces in the many photographs taken, and the exuberance displayed when they returned to school:

 (For complete Testimonial go to Lomandra School Pilot Program)

…. 'it was great to see them up early on a Saturday morning, testing their new skills. 

I spoke to their teacher Keith Jackson who spoke of the benefits the program has had on students, which has helped not only build their confidence through demonstrating what they can achieve personally, but also in developing their skills for working in a team.'

(Malcolm Turnbull, then MP for Wentworth, now Prime Minister of Australia, commenting on Lomandra School Dec 2011)  


Want to Come Sailing in the Winds of Change program?

Please email an expression of interest to the email in the link explaining: 

  • Why your group would like to participate
  • What you believe you will gain from it
  • Your organisation or school 


Once your organisation has been confirmed please download and return the necessary documents found below:

Risk Management Document (This document must be returned to our office for all reserved MWF sails to complete the booking process)  

Critical Information Document (This document must be read and understood by participating clients)

Winds of Change Program Document 

(This document is for use prior to your sail to enhance your experience)

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