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Creating opportunity for physically and psychologically wounded soldiers


What is Winds of Warriors?

Winds of Warriors offers opportunity for Australia's physically and psychologically wounded soldiers.


The Program:winds of warriors

  • Is designed around contemporary thinking for successful rehabilitation

  • Provides an environment that facilitates team building

  • Offers unique learning opportunities

  • Is run with the support of understanding and inspirational mentors

  • Offers opportunity for ongoing involvement in the inclusive MWF community


Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available for Winds of Warriors


How does Winds of Warriors work?

MWF's Winds of Change Warriors opens a world of challenge, skill development, and discovery for wounded soldiers. 

  • By offering new horizons:

    It provides physically and psychologically wounded soldiers the opportunity enjoy a fun and challenging activity in a supportive and inclusive environment.

  • It provides role models and mentors:

    MWF is filled with vibrant individuals who have faced and overcome challenging circumstances and can act as mentors and offer inspiration.

  • The program offers more opportunity:

    Soliders can continue to engage with MWF through adult racing programs and learn new skills and make friends along the way.


Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available for Winds of Warriors - ask us today


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Why do we believe in Winds of Warriors?

In the words of MWF founder David Pescud...

"The success of out programs is the real change in peoples' attitude to a challenge.

How they learn to see opportunities and not negatives. How to look for solutions on our boat, and discover how attitude and teamwork can deliver positive outcomes for them and others.

Sailing is the medium we use to achieve these outcomes - after all who can resist the magic of sail?

This work is supported by the commitment and passion of a group of skilled volunteers who love what they do."


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